Prototypes & small batches – small series made of plastic and metal

We offer high quality one-of-a-kind products and small batches for reasonable prices.

prototypes made of plastic

Whether you need some few masters made from additive manufacturing materials, serial-like products made from polyurethane or close-to-series ones produced from the original series material – at any stage of product development we offer you the optimal solution due to our broad range of machines and materials

small series & spare parts made of plastic

additive manufacturing

Based on the same techniques and processes we offer final parts as one-off’s or low volume series. Laser sintering leads to end-user parts additionally giving more freedom to design. Small series in the range of 20 to 100 pieces are made by vacuum casting while quantities of 100 to 20 000 parts are made in-house by plastic injection molding.

prototypes, small series & spare parts made of metal

By using precision casting we produce small quantities but also bigger series of metal parts. We offer high quality – sensitively priced.